Bathroom in 2018 Thor ACE 30.4

  • 2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Bathroom
    2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Bathroom is all youll ever need in comfort and efficiency.

2018 Thor Ace 30.4


The 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Bathroom is very nice.  It is laid out perfectly so there is good space for everything.  Many RVs have convoluted bathrooms, but this Bathroom is just right.  Right next to the Bedroom.

The shower is a glass enclosure — not plastic or a funky old shower curtain.  The toilet is porcelain, NOT flimsy plastic.  The sink is stainless with stylish Hot and Cold faucet handles.  There is a triple cabinet just to the left of the sink that is big enough to hold the biggest selection of toiletries and medications ever… all within arm’s reach.  There is a LOT of storage for towels.  And the exhaust fan is invaluable when you want aromas out into the fresh air rather than in for your guests to “enjoy.”

When ya gotta go, you don’t want to be doing contortions to do your business.  This 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Class A Bathroom is NICE.  Class A+.  It is infinitely better than the Winnebago Adventurer I had previously, any gas station rest room, or the finest portable toilet known to man.

Now, your wonderful toilet will clog from too much toilet paper.  It happens.  Here is an excellent article —

The 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Class A Bathroom comes specially-equipped with a toilet bowl cleaning brush — just like you probably have at home.  Poke this down the hole and dislodge the toilet tissue.  Voila, down goes the TP and whatever was filling your bowl.  Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face… and relief.

Windows are Special in 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome

Windows are Special in 2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Motorhome

Have you thought much about the windows when shopping for an RV?

You should.

Do you like fresh air?  The 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 gives you fresh air!  Just turn the crank on the windows.  Screens have been installed on every window.

Do you like the idea of being confined to a big box with no openings?  Not for me!  The 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 has seven (7) windows that open.  Pro-health, anti-claustrophobia!

The frameless windows simply look great, too.  Tinted glass that sits flush with the sides of the motorcoach.

Get real, honest-to-goodness functioning windows with your 2018 Thor ACE 30.4.

AND, the Bedroom Window on the Driver’s Side provides an Emergency Exit.  There is a step up to make this easily accessed.  A red handle shows you what to pull.  The Emergency Exit information explains everything.  The window is 24″ x 32″ so it accommodates all sizes.


114-inches of TV in Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome

  • 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 SONY 50-Inch HDTV Smart TV
    2018 Thor ACE 30.4 SONY 50-Inch HDTV Smart TV is a major upgrade. Phenomenal picture. BIG screen. SONY!

114-inches of TV in Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a 119-inch high-definition BIG screen TV?

Having three BIG screen TVs is pretty cool, too.  119-inches.

This 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Class A Motorhome is special with its TVs.  It has two 32-inch TVs and one 50-inch SONY Smart HDTV in the Living Room.  One of the 32-inch LED TVs is the focal point of the camping side exterior of the RV32-inch LED TV Manual.  The other 32-inch Sharp Smart HDTV is in your Bedroom.

The SONY and Sharp TVs are significantly higher in quality to the Axxera TVs that come from the factory.

A roof-mounted Winegard Rayzar Z1 Antenna gives great reception from local stations.

This 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Class A Motorhome also has a SONY DVD Player wired to the 50-inch SONY TV.

Children, grandchildren, neighbors, and strangers will all be impressed with you and your outdoor entertainment system.  Movie night under the stars at your place!

When I first bought a motorhome, I was concerned with how much I would have to spend to get a satellite for TV service.  I worried needlessly.  Unless you are a TV junkie who can’t live without specific cable TV shows, the Winegard Rayzar Z1 Antenna delivers all the main channels to you for free.  Most RV Parks have free cable.  This 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 has three TVs, so I keep two of them connected to the Winegard Rayzar Z1 Antenna, and the other is connected to the RV Park’s cable service.  The 55-inch SONY HDTV is connected to a SONY HDTV DVD Player, and I am an Amazon Prime member, so I get tons of movies for my annual fee as well as free delivery on whatever I order.

Winegard Rayzar Z1 Antenna

With the antenna, you don’t get the handy dandy list of channels and shows on screen.  So, my computer has TV Guide — free, and it gets the job done.

Here’s a video with some pointers on the antenna and DVD:


Storage Galore in 2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Class A RV

Storage Galore

The Thor Ace 30.4 Class A Motorhome is about 250-square-feet.  And Thor uses every square inch.

This particular 2018 Thor A.C.E. 30.4 has 60 (sixty) storage compartments.  I counted them!

49 in the Interior.  And 11 in the Basement.

8 Bins

1 Desk Cabinet

21 Cabinets

11 Drawers

2 Chests

3 Wardrobe Closets

1 Pantry

1 Freezer

1 Refrigerator

11 Basement Storage Bays, one of which is humongous!

And, if you really hate to travel light, there’s an 8,000-pound hitch, so you can tow whatever you like.

I’d never before seen an RV with a “Mud Room,” but this Thor Ace 30.4 has it.



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  • 2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Class A Motorhome
    This 2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Class A Motorhome looks almost like new. Full body paint. Brandywine exterior.