Windows are Special in 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome

Windows are Special in 2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Motorhome

Have you thought much about the windows when shopping for an RV?

You should.

Do you like fresh air?  The 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 gives you fresh air!  Just turn the crank on the windows.  Screens have been installed on every window.

Do you like the idea of being confined to a big box with no openings?  Not for me!  The 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 has seven (7) windows that open.  Pro-health, anti-claustrophobia!

The frameless windows simply look great, too.  Tinted glass that sits flush with the sides of the motorcoach.

Get real, honest-to-goodness functioning windows with your 2018 Thor ACE 30.4.

AND, the Bedroom Window on the Driver’s Side provides an Emergency Exit.  There is a step up to make this easily accessed.  A red handle shows you what to pull.  The Emergency Exit information explains everything.  The window is 24″ x 32″ so it accommodates all sizes.