Cockpit in 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome

  • 2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Cockpit from Galley
    2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Cockpit from Galley. Beautful space.

Cockpit in 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome

The COCKPIT in the 2018 Thor Ace 30.4 is efficiently arranged with everything you need plus five cupholders in case you want to have a party there.

Two Captain’s Chairs, both swivel, seat belts, curtains for privacy when docked, numerous gauges and controls, a table that can be set up between them, a color monitor with Bluetooth, 110-volt electrical outlet, four outlets for electronics (USB, etc.), a console tray, a second AC unit just for the Cockpit with five fully-adjustable vents.  It even has a steering wheel, gas pedal, brake, emergency brake, gear shift, seven-speed intermittent windshield wiper invented by one of my personal idols – Robert Kearns, high beam control, tinted sun visors, spot lamps on each side, wood-look laminate floor, two screened windows, a Doggie Window, a desk with a very sturdy tray, and more.

Overhead is a Bunk that can sleep two small people.  Press a button, and it drops down.  Seven storage bays up there.  A ladder in the Basement is used for access.

OH, there’s an Emergency Flasher Control.  I’m not going to tell you where it is because it took me several days to find it hidden by Thor behind the steering wheel.  Buy the RV, and I will give you a personal tour and demo!

See the movie “Flash of Genius” to fully appreciate your windshield wipers.

This is an excellent video with a simple explanation of the Dashboard Controls:

The Axxera Multimedia Unit in the center of the dash offers much more than the average RV.  This Unit comes with a Remote Control,so it can be operated by the Co-Pilot or from the Living Room, Dinette, or Galley.