Water in Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome

Water in Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome

All RVs are not created equal when it comes to WATER.

2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome City Water Connector
2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome City Water Connector

All campgrounds are not created equal when it comes to WATER.  Choose campgrounds with above-ground water outlets that are easy for anyone to use.  I’m 75 and disabled.  I can’t operate a spigot located down in the ground.  When I fall down, I can’t get up, so I have to use a loud siren that I wear around my neck to summon help.

The City Water Connector shown above is perfect.

2018 Thor ACE 30.4-2-way Water Hose Valve
2018 Thor ACE 30.4-2-way Water Hose Valve

I connect my 2-Way Water Hose Valve to the city water spigot.  It is equipped with a hard rubber connector that makes it easy for anyone to connect and disconnect it.  Then I connect my hoses.  I have the option of no water flow (shown here), water from either valve, or water from both valves.  Just turn the black knob(s) to the ON position.  This is a special addition to this 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome.

This Thor ACE 30.4 RV has a large capacity Fresh Water Tank that you fill with a white sanitary garden hose with a special filter to keep contaminants out.  It has a 50-gallon capacity.  Most RVs do not come with the hose, and if they do, don’t use them.

2018 Thor ACE 30.4 WATER Filter
2018 Thor ACE 30.4 WATER Filter

This RV comes with an absolutely sanitary hose that has never been used for dirty work.  And the Water Filter is essential.  It stops contaminants from the city water connection from entering your Fresh Water supply.  I’ve installed this on both of your hoses, so you don’t have to worry about a thing except navigating city streets in an 18,000-pound house on wheels.

2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Fresh Water Inlet
2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Fresh Water Inlet

To fill the Fresh Water Tank, just connect your white sanitary hose to the city water spigot, turn it on, and put the end of the hose with the filter into the Fresh Water Tank Fill.  If water starts to run out, you’ve filled it to 50-gallons, and it’s time to retract the hose, shut off the City Water Spigot, and close the cap on the Fresh Water Tank Fill.  This water inlet is comfortably positioned about chest-high on the right rear of the motorcoach, so it is much easier to use than those in other RVs.  Other RV manufacturers seem to have used Simone Biles to do their design and have neglected the needs of normal people.  Go Thor!

2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Motorhome Camco Water Tank Filler with Shut-ff Valve
2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Motorhome Camco Water Tank Filler with Shut-Off Valve

This 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 also has a Camco Water Tank Filler with Shut-Off Valve.  It allows you to fill your Fresh Water Tank in a fraction of the time of those without this attachment.  The Filler minimizes line back flow while filling at or near full pressure.  Screw the Camco Filler onto your hose, and insert the Water Tank Filler, long side up, into the Fresh Water Tank Fill, and fill ‘er up.

2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Motor Home Hookup Connections
2018 Thor Ace 30.4 Motor Home Hookup Connections do not require acrobatics. Water, Electric, and Cable TV

Then connect the hose with its filter to the City Water Connection located next to the 30-Amp power connection and the Cable TV connection.  Turn the City Water Spigot on high, and this allows your motorhome to use the city water for all your needs.  Zillions of gallons of Fresh Water if needed.  This saves the water in your Fresh Water Tank for times when you do not have a city water connection available.

2018 Thor Ace 30.4 BASEMENT Bay 8
2018 Thor Ace 30.4 BASEMENT Bay 8 – Sewer hookups for Black Water and Gray Water Dump. Outdoor Shower.

This Thor ACE 30.4 RV has a 47-gallon Gray Water Tank.  This is the wastewater from the sinks and shower.  A 47-gallon tank minimizes your tank dumping duties.  It dumps by pulling the Gray Valve.

This Thor ACE 30.4 RV has a 40-gallon Black Water Tank.  This is the yucky liquid with stuff floating in it.  A 40-gallon tank minimizes your sewer duties.  It dumps by pulling the Black Valve.

This Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome has an Exterior Shower.  You may not be into showering naked outside your RV in a campground.  The External Shower gives you a way to wash up while outside.  It should also be used with HOT HOT water to clean your sewer hose following Black Water dumping.  It’s located in the same Bay as the sewer equipment and connections.

Here is an extremely comprehensive Guide to the Water System in the 2019 Thor Ace 30.4 Motorhome.

Sanitizing Your Fresh Water System

Winterizing your Water System

Holding Tank Heating Pads


Specifications for 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome

Specifications for 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 Motorhome

This motorhome was manufactured by Thor Industries.  The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price was $120,300.  It has a great floorplan.

CHASSIS: The Thor Ace 30.4 is built on the highly-regarded F53 – Ford F Series Super Duty Chassis.  208-inch wheelbase.  Detailed specifications.

ENGINE: The Thor Ace 30.4 has a Ford Triton V-10 Engine producing 320 horsepower and 460 pounds of Torque.  It truly runs like a top.

TRANSMISSION: 5-speed automatic TorqShift Transmission with Overdrive.

EXTERIOR: This 2018 Thor A.C.E. 30.4 is beautiful.  It is a very traditional-looking Class A RV with Full Body Paint.  The entire unit, excluding the coach roof, is painted. Even the graphic designs on many are sprayed artfully down the body followed by a depth enriching clear coat application.   This is definitely a value-add feature or option.  So, what are the advantages of having full body paint?  A great look with a more personalized flair; no compounding required normally before waxing; looks new for years to come; and increases resale value.  RVs without full body paint fade and look old and tired as the years roll on.

SIZE: This 2018 Thor ACE 30.4 is 31.5-feet long, 8′ 3″ wide, and 12′ 2″ tall with a 7-foor interior height.

TIRES: It rides on six Goodyear tires and resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Easy to get here, or we may be able to deliver to you.

WEIGHT:  It weighs in at nine tons (18,000 pounds).

SPECIFICATIONS GALORE:  Note: 2018 Thor Motor Coach A.C.E 30.4 specifications are provided by the manufacturer and may not reflect this 2018 Thor Motor Coach A.C.E 30.4 Class A RV.  I have reorganized them alphabetically and added some important stuff.  215 things you may or may not care about:

Air Conditioning: 2
Air Conditioning – ( BTUs) – Electrical And Plumbing: 27000
Air Conditioning – ( BTUs): 15000
Air Conditioning – Ducted: Yes
Air Conditioning – Prewiring: Yes
Air Conditioning – Type – Electrical And Plumbing: Automatic
Air Conditioning – Type: Automatic
Appliances: Yes
Appliances: Refrigerator, Oven, Microwave
Awning: 1
Awning – Length (Ft): 16
Awning – Length (M): 4.9
Awning – Power Retractable Awning: Yes
Basement: 1
Basement – Bays: 11
Bathroom: 1
Bathroom – Door Type: Plastic / Glass
Bathroom – Flooring Type: Vinyl
Bathroom – Location: Center
Bathroom – Sliding Glass Door: No
Bathroom – Toilet Type: Porcelain
Bedroom: 1
Bedroom – Door Style: Accordian
Bedroom – Flooring Type: Vinyl
Bedroom – Location: Rear
Bedroom – Mirror Doors: Yes
Bedroom – Shades / Curtains: Yes
Beds: 4
Beds – Bunk Beds: 0
Beds – Convertible / Sofa Beds: 2
Beds – Double Beds: 0
Beds – Full Size Beds: 1
Beds – King Size Beds: 0
Beds – Queen Size Beds: 1
Beds – Queen: 1 in Bedroom
Body Material: Aluminum
Brakes – Hydraulic Disc- Front
Brakes – Hydraulic Disc- Rear Brake Type: Yes
Bunk: Yes – above Cockpit
Bunkhouse: No
Cable Connection: Yes – on outside
Cable Prewiring: Yes
Carburetion Type: Fuel Injected
Chassis: Ford
Chassis – Model: Ford F-53 F-Series Super Duty
Closet – Full Size Master Bedroom:  No- multiple closets
Color – Brandywine HD- MAX™ Exterior: Tan
Color – Secondary – Brandywine HD- MAX™ Exterior: Maroon
Color – Secondary: Gold
Color: Tan
Color – Interior Colors: Arctic Frost II, Island Nights, Mesa Mineral II
Currency: U.S. Dollars
Dinette: 1
Doors: 1
Driveline Type: 4X2
Electrical – Battery Power Converter: Yes
Emergency Exits: 1
Engine: 1
Engine – Type: 6.8L V10
Engine – Brand Name: Triton®
Engine – Cylinders: 10
Engine – Displacement (L): 6.8
Engine – Horsepower (Bhp): 320
Engine – Horsepower (K W): 238.8
Engine – Horsepower RPM: 4000
Engine – Make: Ford®
Engine – Model: F-53
Engine – Torque ( Ft Lbs): 460
Engine – Torque ( Nm): 623.7
Engine – Torque RPM: 3000
Engine – Torque: 460 ft. lbs.
Engine – Turbocharged: No
Fuel: Gas- Regular Unleaded
Furniture – Recliner / Rockers: 0
Galley (Kitchen): 1
Galley (Kitchen) – Layout: Oven / Stove
Galley (Kitchen) – Location: Center
Galley (Kitchen) – Oven Burners: 3
Galley (Kitchen) / Living Area Flooring Type: Vinyl
Galley (Kitchen) – Refrigerator Power Mode: Electric / Propane
Galley (Kitchen) – Refrigerator Size: Mid-Size
Galley (Kitchen) – Table Configuration: Bench Seats
Heater: 2
Heater – Ducted: Yes
Heater – Furnace BTU Rating: 35,000
Heater – Prewiring: Yes
Heater – Type: Automatic
Height (In): 146
Height (Mm): 3708.4
Height: With A/C: 12 ft. 2 in. – Exterior
Hitch Weight: 8,000 lbs.
Interior Height (In): 84
Interior Height (Mm): 2133.6
Interior Height: 84 in.
Interior Wood Finish – Island Nights Interior Decor: Yes
Interior Wood Finish – Mesa Mineral Interior Decor: Yes
Interior Wood Finish – Standard Package: Yes
Interior Wood Finish: Yes
Length (Ft): 31.5
Length (In):378
Length (M): 9.6
Length (Mm): 9600
Length: 31 ft. 6 in.
Leveling Jack Type: Front Power / Rear Power
Living Area Location: Front
Metallic: No
MSRP: $120,300
Overhead Fan: Yes
Phone Prewiring: No
Radios: 1 – Jensen
Rows: 1
Satellite – Prewiring: Yes
Satellite: No
Screened Room: No
Seats – Armrests: Yes
Seats – Bench Seats – 2
Seats – Material: Vinyl
Seats – Power Adjustable Seat: No
Seats – Reclining Seats: Yes
Seats – Swivel Seats: Yes
Seats – Type: Bucket
Seats: 2
Sidewall Construction: Fiberglass
Sleeping Capacity: 1 to 8
Slideout: 1
Slideout – Power Retractable Slideout: Yes
Sofa: 1
Sofa – Material: Vinyl
Sofa – Reclining Sofa: No
Speakers – Location(s): Interior / Exterior
Speakers – Surround Sound: No
Storage – Capacity (Cuft): 130
Storage – Capacity (Gal): 835.7
Storage – Capacity (L): 3681.1
Storage – Capacity: 130 cu. ft. – Exterior
Supercharged: No
Tanks – Black Water Capacity 40 gal.
Tanks – Black Water Holding Tanks: 1
Tanks – Black Water Tank Capacity (Gal): 40
Tanks – Black Water Tank Capacity (L): 151.4
Tanks – Fresh Water Capacity: 50 gal.
Tanks – Fresh Water Holding Tanks: 1
Tanks – Fresh Water Tank Capacity (Gal): 50
Tanks – Fresh Water Tank Capacity (L): 189.3
Tanks – Fuel Capacity (Gal): 80
Tanks – Fuel Capacity (L): 302.8
Tanks – Fuel Tank Capacity: 80 gal.
Tanks – Gray Water Capacity: 47 gal.
Tanks – Gray Water Holding Tanks: 1
Tanks – Gray Water Tank Capacity (Gal): 47
Tanks – Gray Water Tank Capacity (L): 177.9
Tanks – Propane Tank Capacity (Gal): 20.8
Tanks – Propane Tank Capacity (Lbs): 88
Tanks – Propane Tank Capacity: 88 lbs.
Tanks – Propane Tanks: 1
Televisions: 3
Televisions – 32-inch: 2
Televisions 40-inch: 1
Televisions – Antenna Prewiring: Yes
Tires: 6
Tires – ( Full Spec): 245/70R 19.5G – Front
Tires – Aspect Ratio: 70 – Front
Tires – Rear Tire ( Full Spec): 245/70R 19.5G
Tires – Rear Tire Aspect Ratio: 70
Tires – Rear Tire Speed Rating: G
Tires – Rear Tire Width: 245
Tires – Speed Rating: G – Front
Tires – Width: 245 – Front
Towing: Yes
Towing Capacity (Kgs): 3628.8
Towing Capacity (Lbs): 8000
Transmission: TorqShift
Transmission – Overdrive: Yes
Transmission – Speeds: 6
Transmission – Type: Automatic
Transmission: TorqShift® 5-speed automatic with overdrive
Wallpaper – Island Nights Interior Decor: Yes
Wallpaper – Mesa Mineral Interior Decor: Yes
Wallpaper – Standard Package: Yes
Wallpaper: Yes
Warranty: Yes
Warranty – Chassis ( Miles): 36000
Warranty – Chassis ( Months): 36
Warranty – Powertrain ( Miles): 60000
Warranty – Powertrain ( Months): 60
Warranty – Roof  ( Years): 12
Warranty – Structure ( Kilometers): 38624
Warranty – Structure ( Months): 24
Warranty – Structure( Miles): 24000
Warranty ( Kilometers): 24140 – Basic
Warranty ( Miles): 15000 – Basic
Warranty ( Months): 12 – Basic
Washer / Dryer Prewiring: No
Water Heater: 1
Water Heater – Capacity: 6 gal.
Water Heater – Pump Power Mode: Electrical / Propane
Water Heater – Tank Bypass: Yes
Water Heater – Tank Capacity (G): 6
Water Heater – Tank Capacity (L): 22.7
Weight – Gross Combined Wt Rating ( GCWR): 23,000 lbs.
Weight – Gross Vehicle Wt Rating ( GVWR): 18,000 lbs.
Weight – GVWR (Kgs): 8164.8
Weight – GVWR (Lbs): 18000
Wheelbase (In): 208
Wheelbase (Mm):5283.2
Wheelbase: 190 in.
Wheels: 6
Wheels – Composition: Steel
Wheels – Diameter: 19.5 – Front
Wheels – Rear Wheel Diameter: 19.5
Wheels – Rear Wheel Width (In): 6.75
Wheels – Width (In): 6.75 – Front
Width (In): 99
Width (Mm): 2514.6
Windows: 8

Thor publishes an excellent Thor Motorcoach Care and Maintenance Guide.